Friday, March 12, 2010


in my childhood,i was kinda person who treated a bestie like a boyfriend.
means, we do everything together,
we have wait for them for this,that,
we have to tell them everything..bla bla
seems like we shared kinda 'special relationship' that we work for.
but i often feel dissapointed when my friends hurt me.
fighting n ignore each other for days. hahar... it was tiring..
times in and out, i learnt a lot, i learn from experience,books, quotes.
i gradually treat a friend like a friend.
they dont have to be perfect.
they dont have to treat me right all the time.
they deserve to make mistakes.
they deserve to tell lies.
they can be selfish!
they not nessecerily help me when im in need.
we can have different ideas.
i dont know why, i do not take a friendship too personal.
but dont get me wrong. i love my friends sooo much..
but i just creating my own 'immune system' for myself.
so,if i've been acting a little bit 'isolated', not because i dont like you,
or i dont care about you...i love my privacy but i love being around all of you too!!!

dah ler tu...
g naik sambung keje.
ingat company bapak ko!



  1. bila ko create blog nih???nape tak update aku???

  2. cam haram....xtauuuuu???? aku dah add ko le. penat aku naik kete dok belakang g kole selangor tauu..jalan dah la cam kude belang..