Thursday, July 1, 2010

Messages to My Love Ones

Nik Salbiah bt Nik Mamat
i missed u so much and wanna call u as much as i can everyday. cant wait to see u this friday..sorry that i cant give u as much as i should've given,all i can do is loving u,hope it makes u happy enough.

Aimi Shuhada
Sis have bought u a loooong colour pencils and your coloring book! cant wait to see your exiting face trying to finish up coloring all that cartoons the whole day.(this friday!)

Aimi Athirah, Aimi Asyarah,Aimi Asyikin
Also,cant wait to make fun of each other.Sis doesn't bought u anything.haha.

Siti Azni and Fahrul Rohman
don't be jealous i wana have my mum just for myself this weekend.

Mohd Faizal Ramly
Wait for Sunday patiently. 

Desa Mutiara geng
I know i will be missed by each and everyone of u. Should i bring along my berukband so u will miss me more? 

Mohd Azri Jamaluddin
We'll be lepaking after i come back. 

Alina Salwani Mohd Ali Napiah
i miss u!

Azam n Nelly 
Miss both of u.

Khuraizan Lanahon
~System is deleting your personal information everyday~

Mohd Hishamuddin Mohamad
Past is past.....=) 

Normazaiton Mohamad and Kamsila Karim
Miss both of u...............
Rosmawati Aziz n Safiyah Mansor
Miss both of u...............

Nordina Nazori
See u at home!!!

sori jika tidak tersebut. im being 'by myself' for quite long...or sometimes. i wana apologized if my ignorance hurt any of u. as are u,im not perfect either to make everything perfect. i just a human being,being tested,being hurt and sometimes i dont have strength left to pretend to be all OK...

saje buang tebiat skit mlm nih..haha...abes.



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  1. darling, i miss you too...mari lah ke rumah untuk mengubat dukalara... jika kamu bz atau ada plan tidak mengapalah...